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This is a community for knitters who want to share information about charity projects and charities that take knitted items and knitting supplies or yarn. Everyone knows that you can donate to thrift shops if you decide to de-stash, but there are so many other places that can use knitting supplies, and all they need is a little publicity to get the donations they need. Charities need not be solely national; if you want information about local charity and service groups, post and see if anyone else has information for you.

Requesting to join the community means that you agree to abide by the following rules:

1. Designs used must be legally suitable for charity knitting. This means that the designs themselves must be your own, made in quantities that are within copyright law, or otherwise used with the express permission of the copyright holder. Posters are responsible for checking this themselves.

2. Members are encouraged to post information about charities that will take donations of knitted items or knitting or other craft supplies. Please be as specific as possible, including what items are allowable, where to send the items, where more information can be found (an official website is best), what the organization’s greatest need is, and any information regarding tax deductions (if available). These entries will be added to memories. They will also be deleted at the request of specific charities, or if the information proves to be outdated or erroneous.

3. Members are encouraged to post original patterns for use of the community and others, with the understanding that once posted, the pattern is public and the moderators cannot be expected to control the use of the pattern. If copyright is challenged on an original pattern, the post will be removed until the matter is settled to the mods’ satisfaction. Please, for the sake of the people who need our work, make it easier for everyone and be sure of your pattern before posting it.

4. Please put images under a cut. Posts with uncut images will be removed.

5. Please do not cross-post. Cross-posted and off-topic messages will be removed.