Nicole (etinterrapax) wrote in charity_knitter,

Let's make this sad news happier for some needy kids.

Those of you who know pbhgirl know that she and her husband are in the process of adopting a baby girl from China, and she recently put out a call for knitted items--clothes, blankets, and toys--to be donated to the foster home where her daughter has been living. They have had a very unlucky setback in their travel plans this fall, and will not be going to China as soon as they thought they would. They were to have gone in two weeks, but now may not be able to get an appointment with the Chinese government (that they must have to finalize the adoption) for some time, until at least October and maybe longer. She's understandably upset and only wants to bring her daughter home as soon as possible.

But this means that we all have some more time to knit items for this cause, and I hope people who would like to try out a baby blanket or toy, if not an actual garment, will consider taking this setback and making it into an opportunity both for parents waiting for kids here, and for kids waiting for moms and dads in China. Email me if you have something you want to give, and we'll make arrangements.
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