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Katrina relief efforts

Dear charity knitters:

Although people suffering hunger and deprivation in 90+ temps hardly need sweaters and mittens to get by, we can still help.

I received the following email from the owner of Silkweaver, a small business in central Mississippi that makes and sells hand-dyed fabrics for cross-stitch. I have dealt with this business for many years and trust them implicitly. They are on the front lines and are doing all they can to help people directly, as there are shelters filled with refugees all across their area. Remember that charities thrive on the $5 and $10 donation. No amount of help is too little! If you can help them, please do:

Hurricane Katrina Relief
We need your help!

We will re-open Tuesday, September 6.
All of our staff is OK! Thank you for the numerous emails sending prayers and positive thoughts.
Our shop has electricity and internet once again and we should be back to the office as usual by next Tuesday. We do still have gasoline issues however, as there is simply none to buy in our area, so we may be a adjusting our schedules somewhat to conserve. We do have some "fabric goodies" in store for you - we'll be sending another email soon regarding that, but first, we ask for your help.

Being in central Mississippi, this horrible hurricane has hit very close to home. Many are saying that this is the worst natural disaster to ever hit the United States. Our homes and shop are about 180 miles inland and even this far away, we have seen a huge amount of damage. Seeing huge 7 foot diameter trees snapped in half only makes our minds wander further about just how extreme the devastation is on our Gulf Coast and in New Orleans. In our area, we have power outages, limited water supplies, phone outages, no cell-phone service, no cable/internet services - virtually no communication outside of our city area and only a slight few gas stations have any gasoline remaining, and the waits for that are several hours. But these things are minor and unimportant compared to what so many have lost. They have lost their homes, possessions, businesses and sadly, many have lost family members.

Many of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans refugees are here in our city in shelters. They came here, or were brought, with nothing. Our local television stations are asking - begging - for any help that local citizens can give. They are in desperate need of essential supplies such as diapers, baby items, hygeine items, clothes, food and so much more. Wednesday (Aug 31), my husband and I went to one of the stores that is back open and loaded up a shopping cart full of these items. My oldest son and I went that evening and took these items to the main shelter when so many of these victims are "living". I say "living" because they have nothing and no where to go back to and will be here for quite a while. It's one thing to see it on TV, but to actually see so many people, just lying on blankets on the floors, lined up in a row to conserve space... well, it's just heartbreaking! My son (almost 15) asked me what these people do next. I couldn't answer him. Where do they go? What do they do? Where are their family members? Are their family members alive? At this point, there aren't answers. While we were bringing in one armload, a lady walked up to the table and asked the Red Cross worker for a baby bottle. She had just arrived and had an 8month old baby and had no bottles. There were just so many people in need!

We need to help! My son, my mother and myself will be doing some volunteer work with the Red Cross, but will be somewhat limited, because frankly, we have very little gas and the prospect of being able to get any anytime soon is slight. I have tried to think of ways that I can help these people to the best of my ability. We would like to ask for your help. We have made it our plan to help out our local refugees as much as we can by providing these essential supplies. Although it was a car-trunk load full of items that we took yesterday, it was only a "teaspoon in the ocean". They need so much more. I would like to ask that if you have the ability and desire to help, please do so! We have several ways that you can help.

1. If you wish to send supplies for us to deliver personally, anything and in any amount is appreciated. Please do not feel that only $3-5 worth will not make a difference, because it WILL. Items that are most needed are baby items (wipes, diapers, formula) and hygeine items (toothpaste, shampoo, soap), but most any items are needed. On a regular basis, we will take these items personally to the shelter in Jackson so that we know that it is going straight to those in our area that are in such desperate need. Items can be sent to:
Silkweaver Fabrics
Attn: Hurricane Relief
801 E Northside Drive, Suite C
Clinton, MS 39056

2. If you wish to send us a monetary donation, we will be going regularly and purchasing these items and delivering them. If you wish for your donation to go for a particular need (ie baby items) please mention that and we will be sure and fill that wish accordingly. We will also be updating this page regularly with updates and pictures of the items we have been able to furnish. Rest assured that 100% of your donation will go to these items. We will be covering all delivery expenses (gas, etc) out of our own pockets. Silkweaver will also cover any credit card and/or PP charges incurred with your donation. Example: A typical $20 payment through PP costs the seller from $.80 to $1.00 in fees. If your donation is $20, then the full $20 will go to purchasing items, not $19 after the fees. If this is the method that you would like to help, you may either mail your donation to the address above or click the link below to donate through PP.

Give to Silkweaver via PayPal

3. If you are more comfortable donating through a major relief effort, there are numerous ways that can be done. We've listed 3 ways below, but as you will notice, there are countless ways that you can help. Please note that using one of the methods below does not come directly to us to help our local refugees, but will help the relief effort in ways that the agencies use the funds.

Paypal is working with the United Way collecting donations. Click the image below to donate:
Link to PayPal website for donations
(Nicole here: if you want to go through the website directly to be assured that this is not phishing, use and click on "Donate for Katrina Relief." This applies for all of the following links--they are legitimate and can be verified through the charity's websites.)

Donate directly to the Red Cross by clicking the banner below:
American Red Cross Donation Site

Donate directly to the Salvation Army by clicking the image below:
Salvation Army Donation Site

We all at Silkweaver thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help.

Silkweaver Fabrics
801 E Northside Drive
Suite C
Clinton, MS 39056
Hurricane Katrina Relief

This message was sent from Silkweaver Fabrics to etinterrapax @ It was sent from: Silkweaver Fabrics, 801 E Northside Drive
Suite C, Clinton, MS 39056.

I also implore you to make an appointment or visit a local donation station to give blood. The emphasis now is on getting people out of the area, and finding them food, housing, and employment, but loss of power in hospitals and elsewhere equals loss of ability to store blood, and there will be many people who need it. It's easy to make an appointment through the Red Cross website, and it's a free way to give the literal gift of life, and it only takes an hour of your time.

I know that we all care about people here and will do everything in our power to help. Thank you very much for whatever you are able to give or do.
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