Nicole (etinterrapax) wrote in charity_knitter,

Patternworks Challenge for Project Linus!

Patternworks, a positively darling yarn shop in Center Harbor, NH (and home company of the fabulous Patternworks knitting catalogue), is running a competition for donations to Project Linus, an organization that distributes handmade blankies to kids in need. This is such a wonderful cause, and the competition makes it a fun way to contribute. First place wins a $400 Patternworks shopping spree; second is $200, third $100, honorable mention $50, and staff's choice $150. Entries have to be made using Utopia and have to use two balls of Utopia #111 Cream, but otherwise, design decisions are up to the knitter. You can use an existing pattern if you have permission from the copyright holder. Allowable sizes are 36" x 36" to 40" x 60".

Patternworks has put together a Blanket Challenge Pack (#PW2006) for $7.99, which includes two balls of Utopia Cream and all the rules and forms. Their price on Utopia is $4.50/ball, so this is a little discount, too. Entries will either be donated to Project Linus or returned to you.

These are not all the rules, just the ones I thought were most important. For full rules, see the website and click on the image to read the catalogue page.
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